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Prayer List

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Donna - waiting test results after rounds of radiation. 6/16

Father's Day 6/16

Memorial Service for 1st Lt Burleigh Curtis. 6/16

Tabitha - following the death of her sister. 6/16

Coleene - those impacted by tornados and flooding in US. 5/26

Donna - diagnosed with breast cancer. 5/26

Judy - recovering from surgery. 5/26


Updates and Praises

Chicky - birthday. 6/16

Mei-Lin  - birthday. 6/16

Judy - Barb taking over OCC drop off. 6/16

John and Louise - 50th wedding anniversary June 14. 6/9

Anita - grand-children visiting with her. 5/26

Jeff - 30th wedding anniversary. 5/26

Cynthie - thankful for John's landscaping at the church. 5/26

Janice - good visit with Micah for his birthday. 5/26

Janice - pain free for four consecutive days. 5/26

Hope - birthday. 5/26

Hope - one year anniversary. 5/26

On-going prayer requests

President Donald Trump

U.S. Congress

Supreme Court


Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker

State Officials

Local Officials

Holliston Fire & Police Departments

Holliston Public Schools

Holliston Christian Preschool

Homeless Ministry


Job Seekers

Unspoken requests

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