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Prayer List

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Sarah - getting married next Saturday. 5/20

Rod - video series sharing prophecy. 5/20

Peter - looking for work. 5/20

Anita - pain in her back and legs. 5/13

Rose - care plan needed. 5/13

Tony - diagnosed with malignant polyp. 5/13

Gretchen (Ed's friend) - in a car crash. 5/6

Heather (Coleene's friend's daughter) - diagnosed with breast cancer. 5/6

Marie (Hope's friend's mother) - diagnosed with cancer. 5/6

Rose - being moved from Kathleen Daniels this week. 5/6

Tabitha - family. 5/6

Carrie - meeting with doctors. 5/6

Cynthie - for our children and the pressures and dangers they face. 5/6

White family - as they travel back to OK on Monday. 4/29

Rose - foster sister lost her husband to cancer. 4/29

Ed - hospitalized; may require surgery. 4/29

Chris - neurological problems. 4/29


Updates and Praises

Ed and Hope - wedding at church on Saturday. 5/20

Michael - attended wedding at Monadnock. 5/20

Cynthie - brought greetings from Chan. 5/20

Judy - attended OCC meeting with Barb. 5/20

Michael - call from former student. 5/13

Cynthie - grateful to be a mother, and for all the spiritual mothers in her life. 5/13

Barry - completed another semester of school. 5/13

George - should be home soon. 5/13

Ed - home and doing well after surgery. 5/13

Mike H - doing well; heart rate is back to normal. 5/6

Gail - released from rehab after stroke. 5/6

Tabitha's nephew - okay after car crash. 5/6

Becky - being discharged from rehab on Monday 4/29

Mei-Lin - new store in Natick at which she'll be working 4/29

Steve - gender reveal party for Trevor and Katie 4/29

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